Easy Fitness Exercises And Tips To Keep You Healthy

The Importance Of Staying Active:

When you are trapped at home, traveling on business, on vacation, or in isolation, it is not always easy to stick to your exercise plan or maintain your fitness goals. You may have limited use of fitness facilities or have difficulty adapting to new daily activities. Maybe you miss the gym, the familiarity of swimming in the local pool, or the social connection of walking or hiking with a regular exercise partner. If you are used to attending physical education classes with motivational coaches, you may also be disappointed by the intensity of your exercise.

Maintaining an exercise program at home or in a hotel room seems more like a “must” rather than a “want.” Since many of us are now unemployed and financially struggling, maintaining gym membership and staying active does not seem to be a priority. However, even a small amount of activity can have a big impact on your thinking and feeling.

Exercise is one of our most powerful tools to maintain physical and mental health, and you don’t need to enter an expensive gym or fitness club to reap the rewards. Exercise helps relieve depression, stress, and anxiety. It also helps manage chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. By finding new ways to exercise and staying motivated, you can control your emotions and well-being, maintain a sense of control in these uncertain days, and keep exercising even when your daily activities are disrupted.


Making an exercise plan to maintain motivation is the key to making and maintaining an exercise plan. When making an exercise plan, consider any current health issues, the time you have, and your energy and stress levels. Many people report that all recent pandemic-related stresses have made you tired, so if you are still wandering between teaching your kids and working from home, or you are unemployed and worried about your finances, now may not be the time to start. On a challenging new exercise program. Regardless of your situation, set reasonable goals by focusing on the activities you enjoy. If you start small, celebrate your success, and build up gradually, you are more likely to stick to your exercise plan.

Prioritize Your Exercise:

People who schedule fitness activities on the same schedule as regular appointments tend to stick to their plans. You will not cancel your dental appointment because you are busy with work or do not want to do it at the time. Instead, he will fulfill his obligations and then go back to work.

Exercise At The Time That Suits You:

Many people who maintain a long-term exercise plan exercise in the morning. Completing your daily exercise in the morning can give you energy and set a positive tone for the rest of the day. Others find it helpful to take a break and start activities in the afternoon when energy is low. Sudden activity can stimulate your brain and help you complete the remaining tasks on the to-do list.

Identify Your Goals And Track Your Exercise:

Rather than aiming at “getting a better body shape”, it is better to set a specific goal, such as “walk for 30 minutes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday morning”. Try using one of the many fitness trackers or smartphone apps to track your progress, or just use the calendar to record your workout duration, distance, and effort. Tracking your progress can help you take responsibility for yourself, give you a sense of accomplishment, and encourage you to keep going.

Tips For Performing Required Activities Anytime, Anywhere:

1. If you have any underlying health problems, take medications to treat heart disease or control blood pressure or blood sugar, or experience dizziness, balance problems, or joint problems, be sure to seek medical advice.

2. Unless your area is under a stay-at-home order or you need to be quarantined, please try to exercise outdoors.

3. Go for a walk, jog, or bike ride, remember to wear a mask, and/or keep a safe distance from others.

4. Fresh air and sunshine will provide an extra boost to your mental health.

5. Keep your exercise fun. While exercising at home or in a hotel room, watch your favorite streaming programs or listen to podcasts or great music.

6. Pay attention to the smell of the air, various flowers and trees, and the feeling of sunlight or wind when moving. Focusing your attention on these things can free your consciousness from your worries and release your creativity.

7. When you don’t even know that you are researching them, you may discover new ideas and solutions. If you think you need to increase the intensity of walking, look for hills, take a few steps at each corner of the sidewalk, jump on the sidewalk or even jump up and down a few times (if it suits your fitness level and joints) try new things.

8. Many people are more willing to try new things without others watching. You may find your new hobby! Try boxing, Pilates, or yoga.

9. Create a home exercise area. If you have available space, please designate an attractive area in your home for exercise and keep your equipment at hand.

10. You can start by doing push-ups against the wall, then gradually facing the kitchen counter, coffee table, and finally the floor.

11. If you feel that your motivation to start moving is beginning to waver, focus on how much better you will feel even after a little exercise. It also helps to give yourself extra hospitality as a reward for sticking to the new exercise program.
For example, take a long hot bubble bath, make a fruit smoothie, or call a friend or family member. Remember the healthy habits you develop now can help you stay healthy and happy after this global pandemic.